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Get Ready for Allergy Season

Every spring for the past few years I have been kicking myself for not remembering to prepare for allergy season sooner. Once the icky physical feels hit me and my child, only then do I recall “of yea, we were supposed to get the jump on this months ago” a day late and dollar short! This […]

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(Strategically Engineered) Lentil Soup

I love red lentils. I’m a big time bean eater anyway but red lentils have to be my absolute favorite. During my first trimester of pregnancy with Sahara, I went through some pretty temperamental dining issues. As a matter of fact, I first knew I was pregnant because of the mean burp that blew out […]

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Storytime: A (Turbulent) Year in Review

I love how Facebook reminds you of what you were doing, thinking, saying, ruminating upon this time in prior years.  So, on January 2nd I received a reminder of the same date last year.  I was so emotional because my (then) partner’s children were in town with us, my son was with us, the children […]

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I'm Najah and I'm a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner offering individual and group consultation and coaching focusing on Health, Wellness, Relaxation and all around Good Vibes.

What is the #resolutelife?
It's the space in which you consistently win because you look for and find the best in every situation. Your attitude is right, your vibration is high and your actions are aligned with your deepest desires.
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