Every spring for the past few years I have been kicking myself for not remembering to prepare for allergy season sooner. Once the icky physical feels hit me and my child, only then do I recall “of yea, we were supposed to get the jump on this months ago” a day late and dollar short! This year, I am committed to doing things just a little bit better. I know that if I prepare now we can enjoy spring without the extreme irritation of sneezing, sniffling and rubbing our eyes. So what can we do?

So glad you asked! The best spring I’ve experienced since allergies first hit me in early childhood was when one of my sister friends told me to give up the soy and the wheat and incorporate nettle into my daily regimen. Say what?! That’s it? Ok, we’ll see was how I responded. But the results were unbelievable. Here I was struggling FOR YEARS trying to get rid of allergies, upset because several folk had told me how they “used to have allergies, but they went away” and I was just waiting for mine to go away. It really worked like a charm and I enjoyed a good spring for the first time. Here’s how I did it:

Peace-Out the Soy!

This is easy and also difficult. If you do not prepare your own foods you are probably getting a good chunk of soy in your day everyday. But, if you take some time to prepare your own meals and select good whole foods and cooking oils you can practically eliminate your exposure to soy. This also gives you a chance to sneak in all kinds of healthy stuff to your own liking. Eliminating soy was by far a major GAME CHANGER for me.

Be Selective (and minimal) with Wheat

Take a break from so much wheat and make sure the only wheat you actually consume is organic whole wheat. That means skip the bread basket at banquets and dinners. No quickie pastry runs to go with your coffee (talking to myself here) or if you must have a pastry, make it yourself!

Try to Eat a RainbowDaily

Keep all the colors of the rainbow in mind when you’re eating. If you’re eating a green salad, consider throwing in a red vegetable, a yellow vegetable. The vegetables of similar color usually have similar nutrients and the more colors involved, the more nutrients you get!

Slack off the Meat& Dairy

I know, this one is hard to do when you’re used to eating meat and enjoying dairy products. If this is your situation, simply make a commitment to purchase the highest quality meats and dairy (organic and lean) and stick to proper portion sizing: meat should be about 3 ounces or the size of your palm/1.5 ounces of cheese or the size of your pointer finger.


Listen, nettle was unbelievably nourishing for me over the past few years. It is full of beneficial nutrients, it keeps the allergy symptoms to a minimum on its own and the taste is mild so drinking it in tea form is just fine. My go-to way to get nettle in me and my babies is to make a tea of nettle and hibiscus and flavor it with honey and lemon, which are also both helpful during allergy season. Nettle (without the hibiscus also served me well in pregnancy and labor and delivery but we’ll discuss that later).

And with all these tips, be sure you’re drinking your water. Drink water, Love! Then drink some more. I struggle to drink enough water but it has to be done! Drink your water. That is all. #resolutelife